Unique Exhibition Visits Ballymoney


Everyday Objects Transformed by The Conflict Image

‘Everyday Objects Transformed by the Conflict’, an exhibition which brings together many views and experiences of the recent conflict in and about Northern Ireland, is to visit Ballymoney Town Centre.   Bell Architects in Main Street is to host the exhibition from 12th April – 25th May,  Opening hours are 10 a.m. – 4 pm.  The unique exhibition opened in Londonderry  on 6th March and will also visit Omagh and Clones Do Monaghan before finishing its tour in Belfast in August. The Ballymoney venue gives residents in the North East of Northern Ireland an opportunity to view this exhibition which reveals both unique and everyday stories through a range of loaned objects and their accompanying labels, all written in the words of those who own them.

The exhibition does not aim to agree on one single version of history but instead lets people from various backgrounds speak for themselves. Objects such as a bin lid used as a street communication tool in nationalist areas, a bullet-proof clipboard used by the security forces, as well as a matchbox with a well-known unionist slogan ‘Ulster says No’ printed on its cover are examples of the range of diverse objects on loan for this exhibition. The stories behind these objects not only offer a glimpse into the everyday lives and memories of individuals, communities and organisations, they also help visitors explore the nature, causes and effects of conflict.

The exhibition has its origins in an audit carried out in 2008 by Healing through Remembering with Queen’s university Belfast. This ‘Artefact’s Audit’ listed material culture of the conflict in and about Northern Ireland and can be viewed online at www.healingthroughremembering.org  Most of the objects in this exhibition are from this audit. Other contributions to the exhibition come from collections more recently identified by Healing Through Remembering and these have helped to further broaden the range of views expressed in the exhibition.